Common Mold Questions

1. What is mold?
Mold is naturally occurring fungi growth that happens primarily where there is a source of moisture.

2. Where does mold grow?
Mold can grown on most any surface, but in relation to a house or building it is most frequently found on perimeter walls, and is also found in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, mechanical rooms and on basements walls.

3. What causes mold?
A constant source of moisture such as a water leak or flood or an intermittent source such as rain run-off against a foundation wall can create the needed conditions for mold growth.

4. Is all mold toxic?
All mold is not toxic, there are many varieties of mold that are useful such as yeasts and penicillium. However, under some conditions other harmful, if not toxic, mold can grow inside a home creating a very unsafe environment.

5. How dangerous is mold?
Recent scientific data confirms that certain types of mold when concentrated inside a home can prove dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Of particular concern, is the potentially fatal effect of black mold (stachybotrys) on infants and those individuals with suppressed immune systems and individuals who suffer from allergic reactions to environmental agents.

6. How can mold be identified?
Mold can be identified by means of a visual inspection by a professional and or sampling and analysis of the suspected material by proper laboratory procedures.

7. What can be done to remove the mold condition?
Various professional methods are acceptable depending on the type of mold, condition and substrate. One such method is the cleaning and disinfecting of the affected area with a hospital grade bactericide or similar solution. Another method depending on the substrate, is the removal and proper disposal of the affected material, for example sheetrock, wood studs or ceiling tiles.

Any procedure to be followed must incorporate at a minimum, work area barriers, HEPA vacuuming, disinfecting and worker personal protective equipment.

Moisture control is the key to MOLD control

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